Squat Lessons From Usain Bolt

If you aren’t a fan of StrongLifts on Facebook yet, I urge you to become one now by clicking here so you gain access to exclusive content not available on this blog. 2 weeks ago I asked StrongLifts Facebook Fans for their LEAST favorite exercise. While Pull-ups came in, not surprisingly, first, several guys answered Squats (which frankly didn’t surprise me either).

Well here’s some inspiration if you also have this love-hate relationship with the Squat. The fastest man on earth and 3x gold medalist Usain Bolt does Squats. BUT, he admitted in an interview with David Letterman that he hates them.

This guy is considered to be a genetic freak, jogged over the finishing line when he broke the 100m world record at the Olympics in Beijing, yet he’s dealing with the exact same challenges you do – he hates Squats.

But he does them.

Many guys resist the idea of Squatting: I don’t want big legs, my knees hurt, it’s dangerous. What these guys will never admit is that the real reason why don’t want to Squat is because Squats are challenging mentally and physically. Add that they’re often too lazy to invest time in mastering the Squat technique.

Few of these guys will ever accomplish the same strength and muscle gains that Squatters will. Why do heavy Squatters almost always have bigger arms than non-Squatters? And why does Usain Bolt Squat even though he hates it?

There’s nothing wrong with you if you do not always enjoy Squatting. Frankly, Squats are challenging for every guy, including me. The question is: Do you seriously, sincerely want to be muscular and strong? If you do, you’ll Squat.


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