A Healthy Diet Increases Fertility

Lots of women want to get pregnant fast. They rely heavily on knowing their ovulation period through charting their period, knowing their daily basal body temperature, testing with ovulation predictor kits and so on, but they often forget one of the most basic factors for getting pregnant. That is, having a healthy diet.

Diet is known by many as cutting food intake to remain thin, but it’s a common misconception. A healthy diet is taking the right foods in the right amounts. Having a healthy diet to increase fertility can have a positive impact on women who want to be fertile.


Know Your Ideal Weight

It’s not healthy being obese or underweight, especially if you want to get pregnant. It can have a profound effect in your reproductive health.

Most obese and undernourished women experience irregular menstrual cycles, which can affect a woman’s ovulation. A woman who does not ovulate regularly will have difficulty in getting pregnant because they can’t track when their most fertile days are.

So it is important to have a healthy diet if you want to get pregnant easily. It’s helpful to cut out smoking, drinking and taking prohibited drugs entirely. You also need to have enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your body. Exercising regularly also helps. Doing these things should increase your fertility.

Whole Grains

Meals composed of whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat, oats and other carbohydrate rich foods are essential to include in your healthy diet. These foods can give you a ton of energy and other important vitamins such as B and E which are needed to induce better cell production, hormonal balance and promote healthy eggs and sperm as well.

Protein Rich Foods

Another essential food for your diet to increase fertility are dairy products, specifically the full-fat variety. These foods are rich in calcium which helps to develop your nervous system, your bones and your healthy blood.

Compared to low fat products, these products can boost a woman’s fertility by eating the right amount of it daily. Also don’t forget to include fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines in your diet. These fishes are full of omega 3 and omega 6 which are usually known as good fats that can improve your blood flow in the reprodcutive system as well as boost the quality and speed of sperm.

Eating lean red meat can also aid in enhancing your fertility by preventing anemia, ovulation problems and lack of red blood cells.

Green Leafy Vegetables Are Healthy for You

Eating green leafy vegetables supplies your body with folic acid. This nutrient is essential to create healthy sperm and can defend the ovaries to avoid having neural tube defects during the early term of pregnancy. It also has iron and vitamin C, two items that enhance the quality of sperm and keep you healthy.

Eating the foods mentioned above in the right amounts is a very healthy diet to increase fertility and can also boost your wellness. Don’t forget to avoid having vices like smoking and drinking. Having a healthy lifestyle can help you with your conception goal.


This has been a guest post by pregnancy coach Amy King. You can visit her web site by clicking one of the links in the article above.


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