Five Rules For Fast Weight Gain

Skinny hardgainers always say they can’t gain weight no matter what they do, even though they eat lot of (junk) food. Magnificent metabolism, “bad genetics“, worms, stress – I’ve heard every possible explanation you can think of.

Few skinny guys understand that it’s all about calories. Few skinny guys realize they’re vastly overestimating how much they eat. Few “hardgainers” ever took the time to carefully keep track of every single calorie they eat for a week.

Here are some helpful guidelines. They’re actually imperatives.

  1. Eat More.
  2. Do GOMAD.
  3. Track Calories.
  4. Eat Frequently.
  5. Wake up Early.

Eat More – The secret to gaining weight is eating more calories than your body burns. Eat like a horse, at least 4500kcal per day.

GOMAD – Liquid calories are easier than solid calories. 1 gallon of whole milk per day accounts for an extra 2400kcal. This is the fastest way to gain up to 25lbs in only 25 days like StrongLifts Member Ben and many others did.

Eat Frequently – Gaining weight is a lot easier when you eat 6 meals per day of 750kcals each than when you eat only 3 meals per day of 1500kcals.

I’ll talk about waking up early tomorrow.


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