How Muscle Can Turn Into Fat

If you listen to those jacked, steroid-using, bodybuilding idiots in your gym the answer is yes. But put the broscience aside and look into actual science and you’ll discover that muscle can’t turn into fat – they’re 2 separate tissues.

The whole “muscle turn into fat” myth comes from guys who quit training and neglected to eat less. Just look at my formula: the 200lbs guy doing SL5x5 with heavy weights 3x/week needs 2000kcal more than the 200lbs sedentary guy.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that if you quit lifting, you also need to eat less calories. It’s not the muscles turning into fat, it’s the excess calories that you’re no longer burning at the gym. Duh.

As a personal example, in March 2009 I broke my right thumb when I felt on an icy slope while ski-ing in Bulgary. The result: thumb immobilized, 8 weeks no training. Yet my muscles didn’t turn into fat because I ate less on purpose.

It always comes back to calories in vs. out, excess calories will turn into fat. But muscle can’t turn into fat any more than mud can turn into gold.


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